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The Let Them See You Campaign is revealing one of society’s biggest secrets - THE POSTPARTUM BODY, giving new mothers the chance to finally see what is ‘normal’.   Let Them See You, a campaign by Birth Day Suit Maternity,  is intended to help moms accept the changes that happen to their bodies during pregnancy/postpartum and inspire them to stop hiding behind the camera with their insecurities and start stepping into the spot light with their babies.  


It is easy to forget how miraculous it is that women's bodies have the ability to create human life. For every stretch mark they obtained during pregnancy there are many others who would give anything to be in their shoes. Moms are going missing from their children’s photographs because they are crippled with never feeling good enough. Women are forgetting that they are already perfectly made to be THAT child’s mommy.


Our goal is to raise awareness of the insecurities new moms feel about how they look or how they parent, and to remind them what true beauty really means. Birth Day Suit Maternity wants to be the voice for moms of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. We all have a story to tell - Let Them See You, will be the place to share your journey to motherhood.

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